My Day In League City, Texas

My day in League City, Texas started out hot. I could feel the humidity surrounding me making my skin sweat. But I was prepared to have a good day. I had heard from some friends that the Butler Longhorn Museum ( right next to Heritage Park would be a wonderful place to start the day. So, off I went to explore.I arrived and was pleasantly surprised to find myself strolling through the park for some time taking in the scenery before entering the Museum. The park was located right by a pond where I spotted locals fishing and launching their kayaks. I envied them, but I was excited to tour the museum. When I entered the museum I was instantly intrigued by the numerous artifacts displayed. I toured through the museum and learnt of the history of the Texas Longhorn and how it survived extinction with the help of a local resident. I spent the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon exploring the museum and walking through the park.A local in the area directed me to the local chamber of commerce ( more events in the area to check out. And I definitely feel compelled to do so the next time I am in town.

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